gpstk::BinUtils Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Binary data utilities.

These functions and macros are to be used for manipulating binary data.


class  CRCException
 This is thrown when there is an error processing a CRC. More...
class  CRCParam
 Encapsulate parameters for CRC computation. More...


template<class T>
void twiddle (T &p) throw ()
 Reverse bytes.
template<class T>
intelToHost (const T &p) throw ()
 Converts Intel little-endian to host byte order, const version.
template<class T>
hostToIntel (const T &p) throw ()
 Converts host byte order to Intel little-endian, const version.
template<class T>
netToHost (const T &p) throw ()
 Converts host byte order to network order, const version.
template<class T>
hostToNet (const T &p) throw ()
 Converts network byte order to host order, const version.
template<class T>
decodeVar (std::string &str, std::string::size_type pos=std::string::npos)
 Remove (optinally) the item specified from the string and convert it from network byte order to host byte order.
template<class T>
std::string encodeVar (const T &v)
 Add the network ordered binary representation of a var to the the given string.
unsigned long reflect (unsigned long crc, int bitnum)
 Reflects the lower bitnum bits of crc.
unsigned long computeCRC (const unsigned char *data, unsigned long len, const CRCParam &params)
 Compute CRC (suitable for polynomial orders from 1 to 32).
template<class X>
xorChecksum (const std::string &str) throw (gpstk::InvalidParameter)
 Calculate an Exclusive-OR Checksum on the string /a str.


const CRCParam CRCCCITT (16, 0x1021, 0xffff, 0, true, false, false)
const CRCParam CRC16 (16, 0x8005, 0, 0, true, true, true)
const CRCParam CRC32 (32, 0x4c11db7, 0xffffffff, 0xffffffff, true, true, true)
const CRCParam CRC24Q (24, 0x823ba9, 0, 0xffffffff, true, false, false)

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