GPS ToolKit Software Library Documentation

This documentation describes the architecture and design of the GPS ToolKit (GPSTk), produced by the Space and Geophysics Laboratory (SGL) of Applied Research Laboratories, The University of Texas at Austin (ARL:UT).

This documentation is generated nightly from the GPSTk Subversion repository.


GPSTK is a library of support routines designed for use by programmers developing applications that read and write (particularly in RINEX format), process and otherwise manipulate GPS data. It is characterized by the following:

Code Design


All GPSTK code is placed within the gpstk namespace. Within the gpstk namespace, other namespaces are defined for certain specialized functionality; these include

Namespace std is also used throughout the GPSTK.

Library Content

The library consists of several modules, which are more or less dependent upon each other. These include


This distribution also includes several stand-alone application programs which also serve as examples of how to use the GPSTK. These include
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