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Running GPSTk example codes on a IDE
Posted on 06 Feb, 2018 by RuchiraEkanayaka

| Dear all, I'm trying to develop a web-interface which has the ability to post-process in static, Kinematic and Precise point Positioning. I have built the executable files for examples and it works well. But my problem is how to run each examples' source code in an IDE like codeblocks or any in windows environment. When I try to built and run example1 source code in codeblocks it gives following error. fatal error: Exception.hpp: No such file or directory Even though I added correct path to the Exception.hpp in the source code.

Please mention any solution or suggestions to resolve this issue. | ( comments ) last update by PeterSpanik 11 May 2018 - 20:33

does example5 work fine in gpstk version 2.9
Posted on 04 Aug, 2017 by TrekLin

| example5 builds fine, but could not execute properly, the path and file names of the input arguments are all correrct, but the program complained "

Problem opening file bahr1620.04n Maybe it doesn't exist or you don't have proper read permissions.",

I verified that gpstk version 2.0 had no such issues. | ( comments ) last update by TrekLin 04 Aug 2017 - 05:57

Using gnssrinex for rinex3 obs files
Posted on 13 Jul, 2017 by GuillermoCentelles



I started my project using Rinex files version 2. Then I computed multipath through gnssrinex class, because I want separated arcs and avoid cycle slips (I think it is the easiest way to do it). My problem is that I want to develop the tool for Galileo and from now I need to use Rinex version 3, and gnssrinex does not accept rinex version 3. Any suggestion?

Thank you very much,


| ( comments ) last update by GuillermoCentelles 13 Jul 2017 - 09:36

Predicting Sattelite Positions - Wheresat
Posted on 28 Sep, 2016 by KasperGl

| Dear m8's

We are trying to create an NMEA Stream simulator that contains the "correct" predicted sattelite positions:

We are trying to use the wheresat tool for this purpose:

When using GPS Yuma almanacs from

W e can user wheresat for example:

wheresat -e yumafile.alm --pos="x y z" --start=""09/25/2016 00:00:00" --end="09/25/2016 23:59:00" --time="900" --prn="5"

this returns a listn and we can see when PRN 5 is in view and at what elevation it should be. -->Problem: It does not match reality at all! In real we see sats that should be invisible and oposit. (provided x y z Location is correct)

When using Rinex files from here:

wheresat -e brdc2710.16n --pos="x y z" --start=""09/25/2016 00:00:00" --end="09/25/2016 23:59:00" --time="900" --prn="5"

Wheresat crashes. Is the file corrupt or is there a problem with wheresat / ephreader?

So i am not sure to fllowing questios:

- what exact files do i have to use to predict Sattelite Positions for near future

- should it work with the Rinex Broadcast files?

- am I doing something wrong?

Id be happy for an advice! Regards and Thanks |

( comments ) last update by AdminRickMach 12 Apr 2017 - 19:22

Precision of orbit prediction with SatOrbitPropaga
Posted on 12 Jan, 2017 by EvgenyB

| Hello everyone!

Could you help me please. I use the GPStk for the prediction of satellite orbit. I use class SatOrbitPropagator. I have exact ephemeris for the Radarsat-1 satellite. I try to propagate ephemeris and i have big difference with exact coordinates. I see that coordinate mistakes increase very fast. For example: on 8 minutes i have difference 900 meters by X coordinate on 16 minutes i have difference 2100 meters by X coordinate ... on 112 minute i have difference 22200 meters by X coordinate.

I use standard integrator RKF78. I try to use different variation of orbit models(atmosphere, gravity, Solar radiation pressure, etc), but i have a same resulats(difference with using different models constitute some meters).

What precision of SatOrbitPropagator? Can i use SatOrbitPropagator for 112 minutes? | ( comments ) last update by EvgenyB 12 Jan 2017 - 11:48

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