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Running GPSTk example codes on a IDE
Posted on 06 Feb, 2018 by RuchiraEkanayaka

| Dear all, I'm trying to develop a web-interface which has the ability to post-process in static, Kinematic and Precise point Positioning. I have built the executable files for examples and it works well. But my problem is how to run each examples' source code in an IDE like codeblocks or any in windows environment. When I try to built and run example1 source code in codeblocks it gives following error. fatal error: Exception.hpp: No such file or directory Even though I added correct path to the Exception.hpp in the source code.

Please mention any solution or suggestions to resolve this issue. |

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Hello, I have very similar problem, however on Ubuntu OS. I had build GPSTk library after downloading it from GitHub. All building process using make looks alright, no errors occurred. Library in build directory was created. When I try to compile and link e.g. example1.cpp file it throw me an errors like:

... undefined reference to `gpstk::Exception::Exception(gpstk::Exception const&)'

For compilation I use GCC compiler with properly set -I, -L and -l flags.
g++ -o example1 -I/usr/local/include/gpstk -L/usr/local/lib -lgpstk example1.cpp

I am newbie to C++ and I cant move on. Thanks for suggestions.
PeterSpanik 11 May 2018 - 15:33

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