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Precision of orbit prediction with SatOrbitPropaga
Posted on 12 Jan, 2017 by EvgenyB

| Hello everyone!

Could you help me please. I use the GPStk for the prediction of satellite orbit. I use class SatOrbitPropagator. I have exact ephemeris for the Radarsat-1 satellite. I try to propagate ephemeris and i have big difference with exact coordinates. I see that coordinate mistakes increase very fast. For example: on 8 minutes i have difference 900 meters by X coordinate on 16 minutes i have difference 2100 meters by X coordinate ... on 112 minute i have difference 22200 meters by X coordinate.

I use standard integrator RKF78. I try to use different variation of orbit models(atmosphere, gravity, Solar radiation pressure, etc), but i have a same resulats(difference with using different models constitute some meters).

What precision of SatOrbitPropagator? Can i use SatOrbitPropagator for 112 minutes? |

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