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ResCor not acknowledging -OF gpstk Ver. 1.2
Posted on 03 May, 2016 by BrettVel

| Hello there, I am currently encountering an error when running my rinex files through ResCor of gpstk Ver.1.2 in that when I attempt to use the command

ResCor "-IFdfdata02250.15o -OFionodata02250.15o --nav log02250.15n --Rxhere -AOSP -AOSR -AOEL -AOAZ -AOLOA -AOLO"

I receive

ResCor, part of the GPS Toolkit, Ver. 4.1 9/21/09 (ed. 3.5 6/21/2007), Run 2016/05/03 16:30:56 Errors found in command line input: Output file name required: use -OF<name> ...end of Errors

So I don't know what the particular issue is as I do have -OFionodata.15o in the command and I receive the same error report as if I didn't include that part at all so I was wondering if anyone here would be able to tell me what I can do to have this work properly. Any help is appreciated. |

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