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Problem using PRSolve with RINEX
Posted on 13 Apr, 2016 by JamesMower

| I am using version PRSolve (from gpstk-1.7.win32.exe) and am unable to process RINEX files generated from Trimble Pathfinder Office. I have successfully used the ephemeris and observation sample files that have been posted elsewhere on this wiki. When I run PRSolve on my own files like this: prsolve --obs orange.obs --nav orange.nav --useCA

I get: PRSolve, part of the GPS ToolKit, Ver 2.3 11/09, Run 2016/04/13 12:26:38 Opened log file prs.log Weighted average RAIM solution for file: orange.obs (84 total epochs, with 0 good, 84 rejected.) No data! PRSolve timing: 3.214 seconds.

I am using this version of gpstk because later versions returned errors such as this: Exception: text 0:CommonTime objects not in same time system, cannot be compared: UNK = UTC

Thanks for any thoughts on where to start looking. I can post the .nav and .obs files as needed. |

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