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How to generate my own Rinex3NavHeader with GPSTk
Posted on 28 Sep, 2012 by JasonMontano

I am trying hard to generate my own Rinex3 file with the GPSTk and manage to generate and export the body to a rinex file, but for the header it turned out hard.

I created the following exemplary code:

Rinex3NavHeader navHeader;

navHeader.version = 3.0; navHeader.fileType = "NAVIGATION"; navHeader.fileSys = "G: (GPS)"; navHeader.fileProgram = "GPSBase 2.51 2627";

and when I call navHeader.dump, it will give me the following outputstream:

REQUIRED ---------------------------------- Rinex Version 3.00, File type NAVIGATION, System G: (GPS). Prgm: GPSBase 2.51 2627, Run: , By: (This header is NOT VALID RINEX). Version is NOT valid Run by is NOT valid End of Header is NOT valid
OPTIONAL ---------------------------------- Leap seconds is NOT valid
END OF HEADER -------------------------------

As you can see it tells, that the Version, Run by, EOH and the whole RINEX file is not valid.

Also I did not find an option of how to set the validity tags to true.

Can you tell me the proper way of filling the header correctly? I read, that one could use Rinex3NavStream for it, but I do not know how to use it. Maybe you have some example? Or how do I set the validity to true?

Regards Jason

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--closed-- JasonMontano 28 Sep 2012 - 11:32

I found out, that in order to make the header valid
you will do the following:

Now it works.
JasonMontano 28 Sep 2012 - 11:31

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