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SP3EphemerisStore.loadFile does not throw FileMis
Posted on 17 Feb, 2012 by AlainMuls

I started to look at the ppp example and while reworking it to use it with a configuration file, I noticed that SP3EphemerisStore.loadFile does not throw FileMissingException while deliberately misspelling the name of the precise ephemeris files (read by peOption).

      if (access(peOption.getValue()[i].c_str(),R_OK) == 0)
        printf("%s: %s\n",peOption.getValue()[i].c_str(),strerror(errno));

I get the error message E_FILENOTEXIST

But if I use the code from the example:
      while ( (sp3File = confReader.fetchListValue("SP3List",station) ) != "" )

            // Try to load each ephemeris file

            SP3EphList.loadFile( sp3File );

         catch (FileMissingException& e)
               // If file doesn't exist, issue a warning
            cerr << "SP3 file '" << sp3File << "' doesn't exist or you don't "
                 << "have permission to read it. Skipping it." << endl;


No warning message is being printed to stderr. Anyone has encountered the same problem, and what is the solution?

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