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Failed ranlib: unable to rename -permission denied
Posted on 07 Dec, 2011 by RickBrezina
I have downloaded the latest GPSTK source code per the instructions using Subversion and am trying to build using JAM. I am getting "ranlib" failures with the reason as permission denied.

examples ranlib: unable to rename 'apps/reszilla/rlib.a'; reason: Permission denied

ranlib: unable to rename 'apps/MDPtools/mdplib.a'; reason: Permission denied

ranlib version -GNU ranlib (GNU Binutils for Ubuntu)

Do you have any suggestions on how I can resolve this problem?

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This problem was on my end. IT fix, said it was a permission problem associated with NFS.GPSTK is loaded. RickBrezina 14 Dec 2011 - 15:49

Rich I looked at the permissions and they all look good (rwx). I did run the commands you suggested. I am still getting the same errors. I can not build the .a files. I am running with linux x38_64 and gnn 4.6.1. Do you have any other suggestions? RickBrezina 12 Dec 2011 - 16:07

Would you verify you have ownership of all the files and directories where you have pulled the code from subversion. You could do a :
cd [where the root of the GPSTk source is]
chown -R [myuser].[mygroup] *
chmod -R u+rw *
RickMach 07 Dec 2011 - 16:20

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