Is this a known bug? Whenever I try to wheresat a file using a start date in july, it works (although it makes things fairly useless), but as soon as I make a start date in Auguest, I get the dreaded "this application has requested the runtime to terminate it boom" message.

I've also noticed that wheresat was (quietly) removed from version 1.3. Is this partly the reason?

example: i have a rinex file from 8/9/07.

if i try wheresat -b rinex.07n -s "07/anydate/07" then i get
start time: 07/date/07
end time:   08/09/07
prn: whatever

08/09/2007 2:00:00
08/09/2007 21:46:00 
however when i try to wheresat with -s "08/anydate/07 anytime" it blows up.

-- ThomasW - 10 Aug 2007


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I have noticed that wheresat will sometimes throw a DayTime error if you give the start and end time arguments with a leading 0 for single digit months. For example, instead of -s "08/03/2007 12:59:44", use "8/03/2007 12:59:44". I haven't pinpointed why yet, but I get this error for August, and not July. Can you try your command again, without the leading zero?

-- TracieConn - 10 Aug 2007

Yeah I think that helped things. Actually, you have to use 8/9/2007 and not just 08/09/2007 to get it working. But at least it's working now! smile


-- ThomasW - 10 Aug 2007

-- ThomasW - 10 Aug 2007

I agree that wheresat is missing. However it is only missing from the cygwin and windows builds. I'm not sure why and will check into it.

-- RickMach - 11 Aug 2007

BTW, I haven't looked at the source code, but my guess is your C++ compiler is interpreting the leading zero as octal, so 07 is OK since octal 7 is just 7, but 08 blows it up since there's no such thing. Well just my 2 cents.

-- ThomasW - 12 Aug 2007

That sounds like a plausible explanation.

-- RickMach - 13 Aug 2007

That is definitely the cause. I have just submitted change 715 to subversion that fixes the issue (at least under Linux where I tested).

-- RickMach - 13 Aug 2007 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}

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