hi,please help! I'm trying to generate GPS satellite orbits via wheresat using sp3 or Rinex files but it seems that the program doesn't recognize the start time (its always 01/01/-4713 00:00:00) in the case of sp3 and wenn i use a Rinex file I get always the Message:(This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.Please contact the application's support team for more information.) I run the appl. wich i obtained from the install package under Win XP Ill be very thankfull if someone told me what's wrong.


-- DimitriH - 10 Jul 2007


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Here is what I recommend. First, check out this document to make sure the program is being run with the right arguments:

This is the rough draft of a document that describes how to run WhereSat.

Then, if you are having no luck, feel free to send me ( your nav file and we'll see if it breaks under Windows.

Regards, Ben

-- BenHarris - 13 Jul 2007 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}

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