i want to convert the sp3 data to RINEX navugation data. So I think the application sp32bc can do this. I have downloaded the gpstk-1.7.win32.exe from the website Unfortunately the sp32bc.exe is missing in the folder "bin". Why it is missing? can I download this application somewhere else? Thank you very much! LiZhang

-- LiZhang - 06 Dec 2011


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Dear LiZhang,

Unfortunately the sp32bc application was never completed, and its build is commented out in the /filetools Jamfile. It was started as a complement to bc2sp3 by a developer who is no longer here. I will follow up with that developer by e-mail, but am not sure when or if he will be able to complete that. You may want to make use of the SP3-related classes in the /src directory, taking the reverse approach of the bc2sp3 code, but there is currently no ready-built application for the sp3 to RINEX conversion. I will inquire further regarding the best approach to your problem using the existing toolkit, and will get back to you if a better suggestion arises.

Best Regards,

-- Susan Cummins

-- SusanCummins - 07 Dec 2011

Hello LiZhang,

It's really a bit complex to convert a 'sp3' file to 'nav' file for the 15 parameters have to be fitted with 2~3 hours data, and the accuracy will be decreased after the fitting. If you have get a sp3 file, it's needless to convert it to nav file.

Some times, one may need the 'nav' file to get the 9 Klobuchar parameters, if only the 'sp3' file is available, we still can't figure out the Klobuchar model.

I wrote piece of codes to do the fitting work with fortran90(but not c++) when I become a graduate student. If you need it, I can give you some references for the fitting formulas.


Wei Yan

-- YanWei - 08 Dec 2011

Dear Susan and Wei, Thank you very much for the helpful and quick answer:) Actually this application is very useful, I don't have enough navigation daten for the calucation of baseline in a short time. That is the reason why I want to convert the sp3 to Rinex navigation daten. @ Susan: That is very nice if you can contact the developer who has started to build this application. Or if you can find ou the best approch to solve my problem using existing toolkit. Thank you very much! @ Wei: Thank you very much for your offer and information, I don't want to build a conversion programm by myself until now smile But if it is not so much work for you, you can give me some reference for the fitting formulas. Thanks again smile

Best Regards Li Zhang

-- LiZhang - 08 Dec 2011 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}

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