This is a starting page to other pages documenting the use of GPSTk applications. This page intentionally duplicates the topics in the one page manual. Where that page encourages quick reference, this page provides a map. Also this page is intended to make adding new manual pages easier as it only requires adding a TWiki word.

Background Information

GNSS Data Formats used in the GPSTk.

GPSTk Applications

Please see Table 3.1 from the PDF docs for a more up-to-date version.

Application(s) Purpose
ash2xyz ash2mdp Process Ashtech data into either MDP or XYZ format.
ats2mdp Convert ATS binary format data to MDP format.
bc2sp3 Reads RINEX navigation file(s) and write to SP3 (a or c) file(s).
calgps Generate GPS calendars, like the UNIX utility cal.
CalcDOPs Reads SV almanac data and displays visibility information.
compStaVis, compSatVis Compute visibility among stations and satellites.
ConstellationList Provides the GPS constellation status at a given time.
daa Performs data availability analysis of the input data.
DiscFix Fixes cycle slips and other phase discontinuities.
ddgen Analyze measurement quality of receivers in a zero baseline (shared antenna).
DOPCalc Computes position, time, and geometric dilution of precision (DOP) parameters.
EditRinex Reads a RINEX file, applies editing commands, and writes to another RINEX file.
EphDiff Compares the contents of two files containing ephemeris data.
EphSum Human readable summary of a GPS ephemeris.
fic2rin Converts navigation messages between FIC format and RINEX format.
ficacheck ficcheck Read input ASCII or binary FIC files and check for errors.
ficdiff Compares the contents of two FIC files containing ephemeris data.
ficafic ficfica Convert navigation message data between variations of the FIC format .
FindMoreThan12 Finds when there are simultaneously more than 12 SVs above a given elevation.
IonoBias Reads preprocessed RINEX observation files and uses the data to estimate satellite and receiver biases, and to compute a simple ionospheric model.
mdp2fic Converts a variety of GPS related observations from the MDP format to FIC format.
mdp2rinex Converts a variety of GPS related observations from the MDP format to RINEX format.
mdptool Performs output options on a stream of MDP data.
mergefic Merges multiple FIC files into a single FIC file.
mergeRinObs mergeRinNav mergeRinMet Merges multiple RINEX observation, navigation, or meteorological files into a single coherent RINEX file, respectively.
navdmp Prints the contents of a FIC or RINEX navigation file into a human readable file and allows filtering of the data.
navmerge Merges RINEX navigation files into a single file.
navsum Lists the block contents of a FIC file and prints summary count information.
novaRinex Reads a binary Novatel file and converts the data to RINEX format observation and navigation files.
ordGen, ordClock, ordEdit Computes Observed Range Deviations (pseudorange residuals) -- expected minus observed pseudoranges.
poscvt Converts among different coordinate systems.
PRSolve Computes an autonomous pseudorange solution.
ResCor Applies editing commands and computes any of several residuals and corrections.
rmwcheck rnwcheck rowcheck Reads RINEX obs, nav, or met files and checks for errors.
rmwdiff rnwdiff rowdiff Differences RINEX obs, nav, and met data files.
RinexDump Converts RINEX data into a columnar output that is suitable for plotting or in a spreadsheet.
Rinex3Dump Reads RINEX-3 files and dumps the observation data to the standard output.
rinexpvt Generates a user position based on RINEX observation data.
RinSum Summarizes RINEX files.
Rin3Sum Summarizes RINEX-3 files.
rtAshtech Records observations directly into the RINEX format.
sp32bc Reads SP3 (a or c) file(s) and writes them to RINEX navigation file(s).
sp3version Reads an SP3 file and writes to another SP3 file.
svvis Computes when satellites are visible at a given point on Earth.
TECmaps Generates maps of total electron content (TEC).
timeconvert Convert different representations of time.
vecsol Computes 3D vector solution using dual-frequency carrier phases.
WhereSat Predicts location of a satellite using input ephemeris.

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