Hi there! Is is possible to deactivate the tropo correction in PRSolve? Thanks!

-- RicardoPiriz - 13 Jul 2009


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Yes I believe so. I've not tried it myself but it looks like you can from the options. You can run PRSolve using the Trop option and specify ZR, that tells PRSolve to use a "zero trop" correction.

-- BenHarris - 14 Jul 2009

The models available are not documented in the help you get from PRSolve. I checked the code and indeed 'ZR' means zero trop correction.

-- BenHarris - 14 Jul 2009

I tried and it seems that the ZR flag indeed sets the tropo correction to zero. Thanks!

-- RicardoPiriz - 15 Jul 2009 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}

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