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Program TECMaps reads RINEX data files containing extended RINEX observation types EL, AZ and SR or VR from several sites and at each epoch fits the vertical TEC data to a model of the ionosphere on a two-dimensional grid surface. Hardware TEC measurement biases are corrected, using input from the program IonoBias. The user can specify the type of grid, the type of TEC data and the model to be used. Output is in the form of files, one per epoch, which can be used to plot the 2D ionospheric TEC surface.

Command Summary

Required Arguments:
Short Arg. Long Arg. Description
  --input Input RINEX observation file name(s).

Optional Arguments:
Short Arg. Long Arg. Description
-f   File containing more options.
  --XSat Exclude this satellite (<sat> may be <system> only).
Reference Station Position (One Required)
  --RxLLH <l,l,h> Reference site position in geodetic lat, lon (E), ht (deg,deg,m).
  --RxXYZ <x,y,z> Reference site position in ECEF coordinates (m).
  --inputdir Path for input file(s).
Ephemeris Input
  --navdir Path of navigation file(s).
  --nav Navigation (RINEX navigation or SP3) file(s).
  --log Output log file name.
Time Limits
  --BeginTime Start time, argument is of the form YYYY,MM,DD,HH,Min,Sec.
  --BeginGPSTime Start time, argument is of the form GPSweek, sow.
  --EndTime End time, argument is of the form YYYY,MM,DD,HH,Min,Sec.
  --EndGPSTime End time, argument is of the form GPSweek, sow.
  --noVTECmap Do NOT create the VTEC map.
  --MUFmap Create MUF map as well as VTEC map.
  --F0F2map Create F0F2 map as well as VTEC map.
  --Title1<TITLE> Title information.
  --Title2<TITLE> Second title information.
  --BaseName<name> Base name for output files.
  --DecorrError <de> Decorrelation error rate in TECU/1000 km.
  --Biases <file> File containing estimated satellite and receiver biases (Program IonoBias).
  --ElevThresh <ele> Minimum elevation (6 degrees).
  --MinAcqTime <t> Minimum acquisition time (0 seconds).
  --FlatFit Flat fit type.
  --LinearFit Linear fit type.
  --IonoHeight <n> Ionosphere height (km).
  --Offset Overall bias to add to data (TECU).
  =--UniformSpacing Grid uniform in space (XYZ).
  =--UniformGrid Grid uniform in Lat and Lon.
  =--OutputGrid Output the grid to filename <basename.LL>.
  =--GnuplotOutput Write the grid file for gnuplot (default: for MATLAB).
  --NumLat <n> Number of latitude grid points (40).
  --NumLon <n> Number of longitude grid points (40).
  --BeginLat <n> Beginning latitude (21 degrees).
  --BeginLon <n> Beginning logintude (230 degrees E).
  --DeltaLat <del> Grid spacing in latitude (0.25 degrees).
  --DeltaLon <del> Grid spacing in longitude (1.0 degrees).
-v --verbose Print extended output information.
-d --debug Increase debug level.
-h --help Print syntax and summary of input, then quit.

Platforms Supported

This application has been successfully used in Linux.

This application successfully build under these environments: linux-x86, linux-x86_64, solaris-ppc, Windows/.net2005, MacOS/X-Code.

Usage example for Linux/Solaris/Mac Command Shell

Example use session from the GPSTk source distribution.
  1. Change to the examples directory. cd ~/svn/gpstk/dev/examples
  2. Generate azimuth and elevation extended RINEX observation files.
  3. Execute TECMaps.

See also:

  • EditRinex - generating extended RINEX observation files
  • RinexPlot - plotting results


Input is on the command line, or of the same format in a file (-f<file>).

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