Please help anyone.

I want to use the ddGen function but don't have test data. Where and how can I get any sample data?

Also, I think MDPTools is not installing correctly and I'm getting alot of different erros when installing the GPSTk1.5 (using cygwin). When I use the source files, I also get errors. Can anyone provide a solid build?

-- DennisCaceres - 28 Oct 2008


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As noted in your other post, I don't see the MDP tools as useful to you (but maybe I'm wrong) since the only receiver that produces MDP format is not in production yet. We successfully built the MDP tool in cygwin using "jam". Are you using Jam or Make? (note that only jam is supported on cygwin). You can download compiled binaries at or post some more specific errors if you want me to help.

-- RickMach - 28 Oct 2008

As for test data, the IGS repositories have lots of GPS data from many different reference sites.

-- RickMach - 28 Oct 2008

No follow-up as to why these apps are even needed.

-- RickMach - 14 Nov 2008 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}

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