The RINEX 3 spec says: <> "It is a good practice for a program reading RINEX files to make sure that it properly deals with unknown observation types, header records or event flags by skipping them and/or reporting them to the user. The program should also check the RINEX version number in the header record and take proper action if it cannot deal with it."

This would be a bug report for gpstk.

-- FelipeNievinski - 07 Aug 2013


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Inputting the snippet attached to RinEdit results in the following fatal error, which I believe should be instead just a warning about data being ignored: Failed to read header: text 0:InvalidParameter: text 0:JC1C is not a valid RinexObsID

-- FelipeNievinski - 07 Aug 2013

Hello Felipe,

Actually, the current behavior you have mentioned (fatal errors) when dealing with missing/unknown RINEX data is intentional, so we do not view this as a bug. We understand that the RINEX 3 spec does mention that having flexibility dealing with missing/unknown RINEX data is good practice, and are in the process of assessing the best manner in which to properly address this in the Toolkit.

Thank you for your interest in GPSTk, and we will continute to keep yourself and the GPSTk community posted on new features introduced with each version release.

-- BryanParsons - 09 Aug 2013 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}

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