Hi, Im doing some work for a group looking at Ionospheric effects on GPS signals at the equator. At the moment I have both Novatel OEM3 and OEM4 receivers. First up I need to generate some Rinex formatted data so that the antenna position can be located accurately. For the OEM4, I've tried to use your novaRinex (version 1.7) with a begin year thus novaRinex --verbose --begin 2012,02,09,03,21,39 --end 2012,02,10,02,24,25 --input Rinexoem4Blog.gps but it still timestamps the data as 1992 is there a way to force the 2nd Epoch?

For the OEM3, I've not found a UNIX program that will generate Rinex format and have had to use the Novatel supplied Convert program running under Wine ( curiously this program outputs data with the correct year , 2012, timestamps). Do you know of any Unix programs that will do the same? Rgrds Peter

-- DommyFP - 05 Mar 2012


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After discussing this issue withGPsatsys came to the conclusion that OEM4 was not working properly

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