I downloaded GPSTk yesterday (for windows) and am trying to run DDBase on some static GPS data that I have (Leica).

I can't get it it run and encounter parsing errors on some lines.

Thanks for your help

Alan Buchanan

-- AlanBuchanan - 10 Jan 2008


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-- BrianTolman - 11 Jan 2008

Apparently you have included comments (anything starting with #) in the command line. You need to remove them; for example DDBase --ObsPath C:\AAM\Newman\Rinex --ObsFile YS973340.07o,YS97 --ObsFile RHL73341.07o,RHL70 --NavPath C:\AAM\Newman\Rinex --NavFile RHL73341.07n --NavFile YS973340.07n --PosXYZ -2878980.3853,5141582.8188,-2433425.6901,RHL70 --PosPRS YSRHL70 --TropModel 'Zero',YS97 --TropModel 'Zero',RHL70 --Weather 20.0,1010,50.0,YS97 --Weather 20.0,1010,50.0,RHL70 --Fix YS97

-- BrianTolman - 11 Jan 2008

-- BrianTolman - 11 Jan 2008


I have deleted all the comments and tried running the script (see below).

I still get parsing errors. However when I delete "--PRSalgebra " it will run through (almost). It computes the pseudo range solution and then crashes.

It looks like I will have to compile and debug to find out what is going on.

--ObsPath C:\AAM\Newman\Rinex --ObsFile RHL73341.07o,RHL70 --ObsFile YS973340.07o,YS97 --NavPath C:\AAM\Newman\Rinex --NavFile RHL73341.07n --NavFile YS973340.07n --PosXYZ -2878980.3853,5141582.8188,-2433425.6901,RHL70 --PosPRS YS97 --TropModel Saas,RHL70 --TropModel Saas,YS97 --Weather 20.0,1010,50.0,RHL70 --Weather 20.0,1010,50.0,YS97 --Fix RHL70 --noEstimate --Freq L3 --nIter 5 --Converge 5.00e-008 --RZDnIntervals 0 --RZDtimeconst 2.00 --RZDsigma 0.50 --Tight 0.0001 --Loose 0.1 --BeginTime 2007,11,30,3,46,40.000000 --EndTime 2007,11,30,4,6,50.000000 --MinElev 10 --MaxGap 10 --MinDDSeg 50 --PhaseBiasReset 10 --EOPFile EOPP7336.TXT --DT 5.0 --PRSniter 10 --PRSconverge 1.00e-009 --PRSrmsLimit 6.5 --PRSalgebra --PRSMinElev 10 -AllOut --BaseOut RHL70-YS97 --verbose --debug

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