RINEX Tools Manual


These notes describe how to use the tools found in /apps/Rinextools. This directory contains 4 standalone programs which are useful in manipulating Rinex observation files. Generally, support is in place for RINEX 2.11, though typically for GPS only.

The applications present in this directory currently listed below. Click on the link to be directed to the detailed application manual.
  • RinexDump - This applications dumps Rinex observation data in columns in a flat file, useful for plotting
  • RinSum - Short for RINEX Summary, this program generates a summary of Rinex observation file
  • EditRinex - Reads and edits a Rinex observation file, writing out the a new, edited one.
  • ResCor - This iapplication reads a Rinex file(s) and computes any of several *res*iduals and *cor*rections from the data, and then writes them to an output Rinex observation file.
  • NavMerge - reads any number of Rinex navigation files and either prints a summary on the screen, or, if an output file is specified, writes a unique superset of all the ephemeris data to that file. It will also correct the week number in the ephemeris if it is inconsistent with the time on the epoch line.

In addition there is the RinexEditor module, which implements a class that may be called within other programs to edit the Rinex data. The EditRinex program is really just a shell that calls the RinexEditor, while ResCor is a more complicated program that also calls the RinexEditor but also modifies the data (i.e. computes the residuals and corrections) before writing it out.

All of these programs are run from the command line, and input and outputs are all flat files. To see the command line syntax, run the program with either no arguments, or with arguments but including --help.

Finally, the RinexPlot utility (/apps/RinexPlot) makes extensive use of the other utility programs here; it is actually a Perl script and runs these programs from the command line.
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