Hi folks,

first, thank you for this great tool!

I want to use the RINEX3 reader and tried Rinex3Dump.cpp in rev. 2457, but the code seems to read the header and then exits.

So my question is, does it make sense to use already now the RINEX3 reader or is it in an early development stage.

my regards, Thomas

-- PanyT - 19 Aug 2010


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Hi Thomas, I will try to have someone look at the specific issue you have reported. More generally, the Rinex3 branch has not been extensively used at this point, so there are going to be rough spots. We are currently working on a plan to integrate this back into the main branch. I hope this helps.


-- DavidMunton - 19 Aug 2010

-- DaveRainwater - 19 Aug 2010


The information you provided is somewhat incomplete. There is no Rinex3Dump.cpp, but there are dump() methods in several of the Rinex3xxxx.cpp classes. Is one of these what you were referring to?

The Rinex3 subsystem is fairly well tested, but that does not mean it's bug-free. It may help for you to provide some sample code that produces the error you see. Another possibility is that the file you're trying to read does not conform to the Rinex3 standard. In that case, the Rinex3 read routine will probably read the header then halt, as not all the required fields are present.

Regards, dave

-- DaveRainwater - 19 Aug 2010

Hi Dave,

thanks a lot for this comment. If the Rinex3 subsystem is in a mature state, I'll go forward with it. That was the information I was looking for.

As a starting point it did use the file [...]\branches\rinex3_dev\apps\Rinextools\Rinex3Dump.cpp and it did read in my header correctly. But that's all what happened.

I will now check the the other example RinexDump.cpp to learn more about GPSTK and how I can integrate it.

many thanks again


-- PanyT - 20 Aug 2010

Just to complete this thread: The RINEX3 branch works very well for me.


-- PanyT - 05 Oct 2010 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}

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