RinSum Data Collector



This application reads a RINEX file and summarizes its content.

Command Summary

Optional Arguments:
Short Arg. Long Arg. Description
-i --input Input file name(s).
-f   File containing more options.
-o --output Output file name.
-p --path Path for input file(s).
-R --Replace Replace header with full one.
-s --sort Sort the PRN/observations table on begin time.
-g --gps Print times in the PRN/observations table as GPS time.
  --gaps Print a table of gaps in the data, assuming specified interval dt.
  --start Start time: <time> is 'GPSweek, sow' OR 'YYYY,MM,DD,HH,Min,Sec'.
  --stop Stop time: <time> is 'GPSweek, sow' OR 'YYYY,MM,DD,HH,Min,Sec'.
-b --brief Produce a brief (6-line) summary.
-h --help Print syntax and quit.
-d --debug Print debugging information.


> RinSum -i data_set/s081213a.99o --EpochBeg 2006,08,1,12,0,0'

+++++++++++++ RinSum summary of Rinex obs file data_set/s081213a.99o +++++++++++++
Rinex header:
---------------------------------- REQUIRED ----------------------------------
Rinex Version  2.10,  File type Observation,  System G (GPS).
Prgm: RinexObsWriter,  Run: 11-14-01 10:04:27,  By: NIMA
Marker name: 85408.
Obs'r : Monitor Station,  Agency: NIMA
Rec#: 1,  Type: ZY12,  Vers:
Antenna # : 85408,  Type : AshTech Geodetic 3
Position (XYZ,m) : (-740289.7851, -5457071.6555, 3207245.8294).
Antenna offset (ENU,m) : (0.0000, 0.0000, 0.0000).
Wavelength factors (default) L1:1, L2: 1.
Observation types (7) :
 Type #0 = L1 L1 Carrier Phase (L1 cycles).
 Type #1 = L2 L2 Carrier Phase (L2 cycles).
 Type #2 = C1 C/A-code pseudorange (meters).
 Type #3 = P1 Pcode L1 pseudorange (meters).
 Type #4 = P2 Pcode L2 pseudorange (meters).
 Type #5 = D1 Doppler Frequency L1 (Hz).
 Type #6 = D2 Doppler Frequency L2 (Hz).
Time of first obs 1999/08/01 00:00:00.0000000 GPS
(This header is VALID 2.1 Rinex.)
---------------------------------- OPTIONAL ----------------------------------
Comments (3) :
The AS bit flag is set if receiver is in Z mode
Signal to Noise ratio information is omitted
This file contains SMOOTHED obs data
-------------------------------- END OF HEADER -------------------------------

 WARNING: Computed first time does not agree with header

 Computed interval is  0.00
 Computed first epoch is -4713/01/01 00:00:00.0000000
 Computed last epoch is 1999/08/01 23:59:30.0000000
 There were 0 epochs (-0.00% of -2147483647 possible epochs in this timespan) and 0 inline header blocks.

          Summary of data available in this file: (Totals are based on times and interval)
PRN/OT:     L1    L2    C1    P1    P2    D1    D2 Total  Begin - End time
TOTAL        0     0     0     0     0     0     0

 WARNING: ObsType L1 should be deleted from header.

 WARNING: ObsType L2 should be deleted from header.

 WARNING: ObsType C1 should be deleted from header.

 WARNING: ObsType P1 should be deleted from header.

 WARNING: ObsType P2 should be deleted from header.

 WARNING: ObsType D1 should be deleted from header.

 WARNING: ObsType D2 should be deleted from header.

+++++++++++++ End of RinSum summary of data_set/s081213a.99o +++++++++++++

-- NicoleQuindara - 05 Aug 2011
Topic revision: r2 - 05 Aug 2011, NicoleQuindara

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