Dear Everyone, looking at the User's Guide I noticed that reszilla will be able to compute Cycle Slips in a RINEX File. Since I want to visualize them, this seems good for me. I downloaded and installed GPStk 1.7 as well as 1.6, but did not find a file reszilla in either of the installations. Am I missing something? Am I supposed to build it for myself?

Cheers, Joachim

-- JoachimMueller - 17 Oct 2011


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Looking into Version 1.2 of the GPStk, which was the first one with a windows installer I found it there. It does seem as if reszilla was split into other programs for the newer builds. It's strange though, that there is nothing mentioned about that in the User's Guide.

-- JoachimMueller - 18 Oct 2011

Hi Joachim,

The User's Guide is undergoing a major revision currently (which has been needed for some time), and will include an update on reszilla, which, as you've seen, has been removed as a standalone application. I will get in touch with the developer most knowledgeable about the reszilla code, and ask him to provide some guidance regarding toolkit apps for your cycle slip visualization effort. Please stand by!

Best Regards,

-- Susan Cummins

-- SusanCummins - 18 Oct 2011

Hi again Joachim,

I've gotten a suggestion for you, to try using the GPSTk application DiscFix, an application primarily for finding and fixing phase discontinuities. I recommend running it with "-h" parameter first, to get a current list of parameters, since the available User's Guide may not be current. Turn debugging output on ( NOTE: -DCDebug=7 is the maximum debug output level), inspect the output data, and you should be able to use the additional debug output data to identify the inputs for your cycle slip visualization. Please get back to us if you have any questions when looking into this approach.

Best Regards,

-- Susan Cummins

-- SusanCummins - 18 Oct 2011 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}

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