I noticed that in example 7 and example 10, the epoch of the result epoch is every 2 epoch while original observation data is every 1 epoch. How to set epoch interval to be the same with the original data?

-- ZhigangPan - 05 Apr 2013


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We want to thank you for your interest in the GPS Toolkit.

Unfortunately, due to limited staff, we do not have the capability to answer all questions as quickly as desired. Since the examples segment of the GPS Toolkit you refer to is older, it will require quite a bit of time and focus to provide an appropriate answer. That being said, the examples section of the GPS Toolkit will soon be in the process of being re-evaluated, so please have some patience, as your question will most likely be addressed at that time.

In the meantime, I want to note that a majority of the questions can be answered both by the community and by becoming familiar with the code. As an open-source software library, we at ARL have provided the base software and encourage users to add supplemental comments, functionality, improvements, and submit these improvements for use by the rest of the GPS Toolkit community.


-- BryanParsons - 12 Apr 2013

Thanks Bryan for your kind response, The problem is still there, so I really hope someone could help me with this problem, to explicitly illustrate this problem, I have paste several epochs result here, 82995 0.642732 -4.48942 2.03292 82997 0.880582 -1.88595 -0.458607 82999 -0.615875 -3.66647 2.5526 We can see that the epoch interval of these observation is 2 seconds, however, the observation of the GPS receiver is 1 second, I have checked the RinexObsStream object, I found it has skipped 1 observation every time, does anyone know how to fix this problem, thanks a lot.

-- ZhigangPan - 15 Apr 2013



In error, I set your question as 'answered'. I see that you have reasked the the question again for the community, so I want to apologize. I have also added some rewording to my past post, in order to let you know we are not ignoring your question.

-- BryanParsons - 17 Apr 2013 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}

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