Hello! I'm trying to use "ResCor" to calculate VTEC. The problem is it returns all zero values in all the calculations which require ephemeris - VP, VR, SX, etc. I tried to run it with rinex nav files and with igs precise sp3 files - both don't work.

The other problem is that program crushes with "division by zero error" when i use obs file which is missing a few epochs (it didn't crush when i put time limits where no epochs are missing).

I'm using GPSTk v1.4 under WinXP SP2.

Thank you in advance!

-- VitomirC - 13 Jan 2008


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These calculations require an input receiver position as well as ephemeris data. Use one of the options --Rx... as described on the syntax page (run ResCor without options to see the syntax page).

-- BrianTolman - 14 Jan 2008

I used folowing syntax for computation of TEC from our standard GPS station,but i could not get being computed ,please suggest ResCor --IF dfISR1820.14o --OF ionokour1430.02o --nav igs17992.sp3 -DSR --RxXYZ 1747832.6870, 5600798.5361, 2492995.7658 --Callow --IonoHt 450.0 -AOSP -AOSR -AOEL -AOAZ -AOLA -AOLO

-- CPrasannaSimhaSimha - 31 Dec 2014 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}

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