ResCor Data Editor



The application will open and read a single RINEX observation file, apply editing commands using the RinexEditor package, compute any of several residuals and corrections and register extended RINEX observation types for them, and then write the edited data, along with the new extended observation types, to an output RINEX observation file.

Command Summary

Required Arguments:
Short Arg. Long Arg. Description
-IF   Input RINEX observation file.
-OF   Name of output RINEX observation file.

Optional Arguments:
Short Arg. Long Arg. Description
-f<file>   File containing more options.
  -nav<file> RINEX navigation or SP3 file(s).
Reference Position
  -RxLLH <l,l,h> Receiver position (static) in geodetic lat, lon, alt (deg,deg,m).
  -RxXYZ <x,y,z> Receiver position (static) in ECEF coordinates (m).
  -Rxhere Reference site positions (time) from this file (i.e. -IF<RINEXFile>).
  -RXRinex <fn> Reference site positions(time) from another RINEX file named <fn>.
  -RxFlat <fn> Reference site positions and times given in a flat file named <fn>.
  -Rxhelp Enter Rxhelp for a description of the -RxFlat file format.
  -RAIM Reference site positions computed via RAIM (requires P1,P2,EP).
The following two arguments apply if -RAIM is found.
  --noRAIMedit Do not edit data based on RAIM solution.
  --RAIMhead Output average RAIM solution to RINEX header (if -HDf also appears).
  --noRefout Do not output reference solution to RINEX.
  --MinElev Minimum satellite elevation in degrees for output.
Residual/Correction Computation
  --debias <OT,l> Debias new output type <OT>: trigger a bias reset with limit <l>.
  --Callow Allow C1 to replace P1 when P1 is not available.
  --Cforce Force C/A code pseudorange C1 to replace P1.
  --IonoHt <ht> Height of ionosphere in km (default 400). This is neded for LA, LO, VR, VP.
  --Tgd Apply the Tgd from BC ephemeris to SR, SP, VR, and VP.
  --SVonly <prn> Process this satellite only.
Output Files
  --Log<file> Output log file name (rc.log).
  --verbose Print extended output.
  --debug Print debugging information.
-h --help Print syntax and quit.

List of Available Extended RINEX Observation Types

OT Description Units Required Input
ER Ephemeris Range meters       EP PS
RI Iono Delay, Range meters     P1    
PI Iono Delay, Phase meters L1 L2      
TR Tropospheric Delay meters       EP PS
RL Relativity Correction meters       EP  
SC SV Clock Bias meters       EP  
EL Elevation Angle degrees       EP PS
AZ Azimuth Angle degrees       EP PS
SR Slant TEC (PR) TECU     P1    
SP Slant TEC (Ph) TECU L1 L2   EP PS
VR Vertical TEC (PR) TECU     P1 EP PS
VP Vertical TEC(Ph) TECU L1 L2   EP PS
LA Lat Iono Intercept degrees       EP PS
LO Lon Iono Intercept degrees       EP PS
P3 TFC(IF) Pseudorange meters     P1    
L3 TFC(IF) Phase meters L1 L2 P1    
P4 Geofree Pseudorange meters     P1    
L4 Geofree Phase meters L1 L2      
P5 WideLane Pseudorange meters     P1    
L5 WideLane Phase meters L1 L2      
MP Multipath (=M3) meters L1 L2      
M1 L1 Range minus Phase meters L1   P1    
M2 L2 Range minus Phase meters   L2      
M3 IF Range minus Phase meters L1 L2 P1    
M4 GF Range minus Phase meters L1 L2 P1    
XR Non-dispersive Range meters L1 L2 P1    
X1 Ionospheric Delay L1 L2 P1    
X1 Range Error L1 meters L1 L2 P1    
X2 Range Error L2 meters L1 L2 P1    
SX Satellite ECEF-X meters       EP  
SY Satellite ECEF-Y meters       EP  
SZ Satellite ECEF-Z meters       EP  

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