I tried to create a TEC plot using an obs/nav file collected at a site in the Antarctic. I used the commands:

ResCor -IFbela3330.07o -OF/tmp/er2bela3330.07o  --AOSR --AOEL --AOAZ  --nav bela3330.07n

and got the following error code

[amuls@softgps:/tmp] less ResCor.log
ResCor, part of the GPS ToolKit, Ver. 3.7 1/22/07 (editor 3.5 6/21/2007), Run 2009/04/16 17:14:11
ResCor Error: Abort: Output OT EL requires missing input: PS
ResCor Error: Abort: Output OT AZ requires missing input: PS
ResCor timing: 0.05 seconds.

What is the "PS" input?

-- AlainMuls - 16 Apr 2009


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PS is the receiver position. This should be in a header record in the RINEX obs file. You can see the file format here.

-- RickMach - 17 Apr 2009 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}
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