Hello all,

I am trying to run example8, which I can properly compile with the GPSTk RC2.0 suite in both Linux and cygwin, but I can't get any good result. Only if I remove some lines of the code I can run the example, but the results, obviously, are not correct since many of the needed corrections have been removed.

Step by step, the removed corrections/models are (1 to 4):
  1. - Example8 gets stuck with the solid.getSolidTide(time, nominalPos); removed. Should I use the SolidEathTides class instead?
  2. - eclipsedSV: CommonTime objects not in the same time system, cannot be compared; removed.
  3. - svPcenter: same time related issue; removed.
  4. - windup: again, the same time issue shows up again; removed.
Any hint/suggestion?

Thanks in advance, J. Zurutuza


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After having downloaded the latest svn package, I am now able to run all the examples inside the /dev/examples folder.

I do not know what was going wrong so far, but this works for me.

Thanks to everyone, J. Zurutuza

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