I am using a GPS receiver by Holux (GR-213) which connects to PC through a USB port. Does GPSTK support communication through USB port. I have seen the application 'rtAshtech' but it only works with serial port. I am using ubuntu 8.04 Hardy.

Thank you.

Regards, Qaiser

-- QaiserRiaz - 26 Mar 2009


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Dear Qaiser,

The short answer to your question is: "No, the GPSTk does not provide any way to read data from USB receivers".

However, your question deserves being discussed with more detail:

The GPSTk is focused to work on raw data, and with the exception of 'rtAshtech', it assumes the programmer has, somehow, already got that data into the computer. Such data is usually stored in a Rinex format, but this is not a hard limitation.

The key point here is "raw data": This means that the receiver HAS NOT YET COMPUTED THE POSITION, only the apparent satellite-receiver distance (pseudorange) plus other parameters.

The GPSTk shines applying very sophisticated algorithms on these raw data in order to get research-oriented results. These results may be continental drift, ionosphere state, water-vapor content of atmosphere, etc.

On the other hand, most consumer-grade GPS receivers DO NOT provide "raw data", but "cooked data" instead: latitude, longitude, height, time, number of satellites, etc, usually in the NMEA format. There is little that the GPSTk can help you here, because all work is already done and there are very little chances (if any) of improving these results.

Some consumer-grade receivers provide ways to get raw data out of them, usually in a proprietary format, and then they provide matching software for this. This is the reason because I stated above that the GPSTk relies, most of the time, on some "other" programmer to get the data out of the receiver and into the computer.

As a closing remark, I suggest you to look at another open source project (with very different objectives) that may achieve what you want: gpsd ( ).

Best regards,

Dagoberto Salazar

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