Hello everyone, I have a question that is probably quite easy, for the more experienced of you, to answer. How can I calculate if the RAIM (FDE) is available for a given receiver position, given the ephemeris only? I have seen the RAIM algorithm in the "PRSolution", but only as a part of position solution. In this case, position solution is not necessary since the position is already known. SV positions can also be easily calculated. Can the RAIM availability be calculated using just this information (Rx position and SV positions)? Thank you very much Tomislav Radisic

-- TomislavRadisic - 09 Feb 2009


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As we discussed on IRC, I believe it can be computed from that type of information but we have nothing in the GPSTk that directly computes it. We have the start of that code in the apps/visibility/wheresat application that computes SV visibility at a location for a given time. However there is nothing to take that information and do a RAIM prediction computation.

-- RickMach - 09 Feb 2009 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}

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