My goal is to convert RINEX3 Navigation files with mixed types of observations (GPS,GLO,GAL) into SP3 format.

I downloaded GPSTk on Windows (pre-compiled) and tried the following:

bc2sp3.exe brdc0490.15p

and got:

text 0:Unknown or unsupported RINEX version 3.00999999999999980 text 1:In record 0 text 2:In file brdc0490.15p text 3:Near file line 4 location 0:..\ext\lib\FileHandling\RINEX\RinexNavHeader.cpp:gpstk::RinexNavHeader::reallyGetRecord:277 location 1:..\ext\lib\FileHandling\FFStream.cpp:gpstk::FFStream::tryFFStreamGet:150 location 2:c:\users\bparsons\git\gpstk\dev\ext\lib\filehandling\FFStream.hpp:gpstk::FFStream::conditionalThrow:184 location 3:c:\users\bparsons\git\gpstk\dev\ext\lib\filehandling\FFStream.hpp:gpstk::FFStream::conditionalThrow:184

From the code listings, I see there are classes and functions defined to handle GAL, GLO and BDS. It is my first time using GPSTk to will appreciate if somebody can guide me how can I proceed.

Many thanks!

-- FurqanAhmed - 13 Dec 2016


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