Hi everyone, Wow, what a great software package. I am using the SatOrbitPropagator class in geodyn, which I checked out of SVN dev, rev 3332. I am experiencing quite a few bugs in class UTCTime. Here are the first 3 bugs I found:

1) functions gpstk::GPST2UTC and gpstk::TT2UTC are defined differently in the header and source files. This quite reasonably creates linker errors in my copy of Visual Studio (2008). I dont know why the Linux linkers don't complain because it is a definite source code bug.

2) UTCTime constructor UTCTime(year,month,day, hour, mins, secs) does not initializes the class to zero rather than the expected year,month,day, it simply creates an instance of CivilTime which is promptly destroyed. This looks like a bona-fide source code bug where the CivilTime object is created but not assigned or copied to the UTCTime object.

3) I manually set the UTCTime using an mjd value (53391.9899030092, corresponding to 2005-01-21 23:45:27.620) giving the internal CommonTime members the values m_day= 53391, m_msod=85527619, m_fsod = 0.00099473441392183837. I used this value as an input to the SatOrbitPropagator and the program threw an exception during a call to SatOrbitPropagator::integrateTo() during a call to UTCTime::asUTC().

I understand that bugs happen and I am interested in helping you fix the bugs. I am really keen to get the SatOrbitPropagator model running as it looks like you have the infrastructure for a really great force model system. My question is how do I communicate with your group to make sure any changes I make are in sync with your groups vision and design.

Best wishes Nick Lloyd

-- NickLloyd - 18 Nov 2012


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Dear Nick!

I recommend you to use geodyn library of gpstk 1.7, and the reason is that the GPSTk core library was redesigned since GPSTk 2.0, but I have no time to keep on maintaining geodyn library accordingly. the UTCTime and some other class are buggy for GPSTk2.0. I'm sorry.


Wei Yan

-- YanWei - 19 Nov 2012 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}

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