I try to load a RINEX 3.02 file with the Python GPSTk using the function readRinex3Obs(filename). The observation file is from the EUREF station network ( It is uncompressed using 7zip and the .15d file is uncompressed to a 15.o file using

Now the result of loading the file "brux3330.15o" header is:

Invalid header records: Time of First Obs SYS / PHASE SHIFT GLONASS SLOT / FRQ # GLONASS COD/PHS/BIS END OF HEADER END Invalid header records.

A Rinex2.11 from this station works pretty well with GPSTk. the machine runs Windows 7 with Python 2.7 I build the GPSTk 2.5 on my PC using CMake, and Visual Studio 2012

-- JonathanWache - 02 Dec 2015


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