Hi Dago!

The following is the code of 'LinearCombinations' to get prefit residual of LC:

         // Definition to compute prefit residual of LC
      lcPrefit.header                     = TypeID::prefitL;
      lcPrefit.body[TypeID::LC]           = +1.0;
      lcPrefit.body[TypeID::rho]          = -1.0;
      lcPrefit.body[TypeID::dtSat]        = +1.0;
      lcPrefit.body[TypeID::rel]          = -1.0;
      lcPrefit.body[TypeID::gravDelay]    = -1.0;
      lcPrefit.body[TypeID::satPCenter]   = -1.0;
      lcPrefit.body[TypeID::tropoSlant]   = -1.0;
         // Coefficient for LC windUp is LC wavelenght/2*PI
      lcPrefit.body[TypeID::windUp]       = -0.1069533781421467/TWO_PI;

The 'windUp' correction stored in the GDS is in radius, so the coefficient of LC windUp should be LC wavelength /TWO_PI. what confused me is LC wavelength being used is '0.1069533781421467', and it's not the wave length of LC.

C/(f1+f2) = 0.1069533781421467, lots of book quote it as lamda3, but it's really not the wavelength of LC(L3).

The wave length of the LC should be:

i = f1*f1/(f1*f1-f2*f2) j = -f2*f2/(f1*f1-f2*f2)

lambda = C/(i*f1+j*f2) = 0.141876313121065

Please check it up. Thank you!

Wei Yan

-- YanWei - 11 Apr 2010


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Hi Dago!

I just fix this problem, and it may break consistency with the previous results of your work. Sorry!


Wei Yan

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