I've run PRSolve, which gives me a file with several ECEF coordinates. Now I'd like to convert these coordinates to lat/long/h. Unfortunately I am using windows and I don't see the way to use poscvt for more than one coordinate at the time.

Does someone know the way to automatize the process (recursive batch file?) or to use poscvt on a file containing several coordinates ?

Thanks in advance,

Benjamin Gilson

-- BenjaminGilson - 14 Nov 2009


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Used the following batch file (parameters for specified precision included). It's working now smile You have to pay attention to the formatting of your input file (here 3 columns each separated by a single space).

@echo off

FOR /F "tokens=*" %%i IN ('type yourfile.txt') DO poscvt --ecef="%%i" -F "%%.9A %%.9L %%.3h" >> results.txt


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