Does anyone know if PRSolve applies the Klobuchar coefficients using either sp3 or broadcast orbits? I know Klobuchar coefficients are in the navigation file header but I have no idea if they are used. The reason I ask is I'm applying more accurate TEC corrections to a RINEX file and I want to make sure PRSolve doesn't re-correct it. Thanks for your help in advance!


-- DominicFuller - 15 Mar 2009


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I did a brief inspection of PRSolve's code and I saw no reference to the Klobuchar coefficients. However you never know what could be buried in the library code. I really doubt they are hard-coded; they have to come from data. If you really want to make sure the correction is not applied, I recommend you remove them from the RINEX data. If you are using SP3 files, then naturally the Klobuchar model will be absent. Also -- it looks like PRSolve by default performs the dual frequency correction. I would remove all obs from your file except for C1. EditRinex can do that for you.

-- BenHarris - 17 Mar 2009

No, PRSolve does not use the Klobuchar coefficients. You may choose the frequency to process (L1, L2 or L3: the iono-free combination - 3 is the default) using --Freq

-- BrianTolman - 17 Mar 2009

Great thanks!

-- DominicFuller - 17 Mar 2009

Oh and I just found out you can use --forceCA instead of removing the other data

-- DominicFuller - 17 Mar 2009 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}

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