PRSolve Positioning Application



This application reads one or more RINEX observation files, plus one or more navigation (ephemeris) files, and computes an autonomous pseudorange position solution, using a RAIM-like algorithm to eliminate outliers. Output is to the log file, and also optionally to a RINEX observation file with the position solutions in auxiliary header blocks.

Command Summary

Required Arguments:
Short Arg. Long Arg. Description
-o --obs Input RINEX observation file(s).
-n --nav Input navigation (ephemeris) file(s) (RINEX or SP3).

Optional Arguments:
Short Arg. Long Arg. Description
-f   File containing more options.
  --obsdir Directory of input observation file(s).
  --navdir Directory of input navigation file(s).
  --metdir Directory of input meteorological file(s).
-m --met Input RINEX meteorological file(s).
  --decimate Decimate datat to time interval dt.
  --BeginTime Start time: arg is 'GPSweek,sow' OR 'YYYY,MM,DD,HH,Min,Sec'.
  --EndTime End time: arg is 'GPSweek,sow' OR 'YYYY,MM,DD,HH,Min,Sec'.
  --useCA Use C/A code pseudorange if P1 is not available.
  --forceCA Use C/A code pseudorange regardless of P1 availability.
  --Freq Frequency to process: 1, 2, or 3 for L1, L2, of iono-free combination.
  --MinElev Minimum elevation angle in degrees (only if --PosXYZ).
  --exSat Exclude this satellite.
  --Trop Trop model, one of ZR, BL, SA, NB, NL, GG, GGH (gpstk:TropModel), with optional weather T(c), P(mb), RH.
PRSolution Configuration
  --RMSlimit Upper limit on RMS post-fit residuals (m) for a good solution.
  --Slopelimit Upper limit on RAIM slope for a good solution.
  --Algebra Use algebraic algorithm (otherwise linearized LS).
  --DistanceCriterion Use distance from a priori as convergence criterion (else RMS).
  --ReturnAtOnce Return as soon as a good solution is found.
  --NReject Maximum number of satellites to reject.
  --NIter Maximum iteration count (linearized LS algorithm).
  --Conv Minimum convergence criterion (LLS algorithm).
  --Log Output log file name (prs.log).
  --PosXYZ <X,Y,Z> Known position (ECEF, m) used to compute output residuals.
  --APSout Output autonomous pseudorange solution (APS - no RAIM).
  --TimeFormat Output time format, i.e. CivilTime, default: %4F %10.3g.
RINEX Output
  --outRinex Output RINEX observation file name.
  --RunBy Output RINEX header 'Run By' string.
  --Observer Output RINEX header 'Observer' string.
  --Agency Output RINEX header 'Agency' string.
  --Marker Output RINEX header 'Marker' string.
  --Number Output RINEX header 'Number' string.
  --verbose Print extended output.
  --debug Print very extended output.
  --helpRetCodes Print return codes (implies-help).
-h --help Print syntax and quit.


> PRSolve -o arl2800.06o -n arl2800.06n

PRSolve, part of the GPS ToolKit, Ver 2.3 11/09, Run 2011/07/22 11:39:15
Opened log file prs.log

Weighted average RAIM solution for file: arl2800.06o
 (2880 total epochs, with 2880 good, 0 rejected.)
    918129.266960  -4346070.850055   4561977.615781
Covariance of RAIM solution for file: arl2800.06o
         0.000150        -0.000061         0.000058
        -0.000061         0.000427        -0.000248
         0.000058        -0.000248         0.000493


In the log file, results appear one epoch per line with the format: TAG Nrej week sow Nsat X Y Z T RMS slope nit conv sat sat .. (code) [N]V

RPF Final RAIM ECEF XYZ solution.
RPR Final RAIM ECEF XYZ solution residuals (only if --PosXYZ given).
RNE Final RAIM North-East-Up solution residuals (only if ---PosXYZ given).
APS Autonomous ECEF XYZ solution (only if --APSout given).
APR Autonomous ECEF XYZ solution residuals (only if both --APS & --POS).
ANE Autonomous North-East-Up solution residuals (only if --APS & --POS).

Nrej = number of rejected sats
(week,sow) = GPS time tag
Nsat = # sats used
XYZT = position+time solution(or residuals)
RMS = RMS residual of fit
slope = RAIM slope
nit = # of iterations
conv = convergence factor
'sat sat ...' lists all sat. PRNs (- : rejected)
code = return value from PRSolution::RAIMCompute()
|NV means NOT valid

-- NicoleQuindara - 04 Aug 2011
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