I am attempting to use PRSolve to determine ECEF coordinates from RINEX files. The command line I entered, and the results are as follows:

C:\GPS Toolkit\GPS Toolkit\bin>PRSolve -o Comm8.18o -n brdc2610.13n -debug PRSolve, part of the GPS Toolkit, Ver 4.3 8/3/12, Run 2013/10/03 08:40:55 CommandLine found debug option at level 0, logging level DEBUG Return from CommandLine::PreProcessArgs: help is F and helponly is F CommandLine argument list passed to parser: arg[0] = -o arg[1] = Comm8.18o arg[2] = -n arg[3] = brdc2610.13n CommandLine::Parse found unrecognized arg[0] -o CommandLine::Parse found unrecognized arg[1] Comm8.18o CommandLine::Parse found unrecognized arg[2] -n CommandLine::Parse found unrecognized arg[3] brdc2610.13n CommandLine::Parse found verbose option and verbose CommandLine::Parse found debug option and debug = 0 CommandLine::Postprocess parse verbose of type 0 CommandLine::Postprocess parse debug of type 1 Accept frequency 1 Accept frequency 2 Accept frequency combo 12 Output redirected to log file prs.log

I cannot see what the problem is with the argument I have entered. Both of the files are in the same directory as the PRSolve executable.

Am I missing a piece of code?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.


-- ThomasJaeeckle - 03 Oct 2013


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I guess that correct command is:

PRSolve --debug --obs Comm8.18o --nav brdc2610.13n

and you should also specify some solution, e.g. --sol GPS:12:PC


-- AlexanderKuna - 01 Apr 2014 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}

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