When I try to use PRSolve, I get the following problem:
PRSolve -o 54402330.08o -n 54402330.08n
PRSolve, part of the GPS ToolKit, Ver2.1 5/07 run2008/10/15 09:22:25
Opened log file prs.log
test 0:File 54402230.08n is neither BCE nor PE file.
location 0:aps\positioning\PRSolve.cpp:FillEphemerisStore:2110

Any reasons why my nav file is causing a problem? What is BCE and PE?


-- FredLawton - 15 Oct 2008


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BCE = Broadcast ephemeris file

PE = Precise ephemeris file

It does appear that the tool is not recognizing it as a valid RINEX nav file. Can you attach the nav file to this topic?

-- RickMach - 15 Oct 2008

Note that it is likely something in the header that is causing the problem. We had this occur with another rinex file that had a time with 60s in the second field of the header (not 0-59) and was rejected because of that.

-- RickMach - 15 Oct 2008

; The nav file is pasted below. Thanks for the help

     2.10           NAVIGATION DATA     G (GPS)             RINEX VERSION / TYPE
DAT2RINW 3.10 001   ihab                20AUG08 14:40:56    PGM / RUN BY / DATE 
     .5588D-08   .1490D-07  -.5960D-07  -.1192D-06          ION ALPHA           
     .7782D+05   .3277D+05  -.6554D+05  -.2621D+06          ION BETA            
    -.279396772385D-08 -.888178419700D-14   503808     1493 DELTA-UTC: A0,A1,T,W
    14                                                      LEAP SECONDS        
                                                            END OF HEADER       
 7 08  8 20 22  0  0.0  .104522332549D-04  .363797880709D-11  .000000000000D+00
     .640000000000D+02  .348750000000D+02  .449018703431D-08  .283353244994D+00
     .186078250408D-05  .210638844874D-02  .731088221073D-05  .515370018196D+04
     .338400000000D+06  .000000000000D+00  .147454803369D+01 -.484287738800D-07
     .963242832142D+00  .239093750000D+03  .267395030922D+01 -.815426822943D-08
     .548951437459D-09  .100000000000D+01  .149300000000D+04  .000000000000D+00
     .240000000000D+01  .000000000000D+00 -.107102096081D-07  .640000000000D+02
     .331218000000D+06  .400000000000D+01
 8 08  8 20 22  0  0.0 -.166610814631D-03 -.147792889038D-11  .000000000000D+00
     .850000000000D+02  .362812500000D+02  .408588447920D-08 -.524431390547D+00
     .177137553692D-05  .104775022482D-01  .718981027603D-05  .515372193146D+04
     .338400000000D+06  .104308128357D-06  .152912437092D+01 -.167638063431D-06
     .984401712671D+00  .250531250000D+03  .289362602910D+01 -.800926218935D-08
     .562166273625D-09  .100000000000D+01  .149300000000D+04  .000000000000D+00
     .340000000000D+01  .000000000000D+00 -.372529029846D-08  .850000000000D+02
     .331218000000D+06  .400000000000D+01
10 08  8 20 22  0  0.0 -.401865690947D-05 -.341060513165D-12  .000000000000D+00
     .550000000000D+02 -.382187500000D+02  .469305262734D-08  .280125411927D+01
    -.211037695408D-05  .797673885245D-02  .373646616936D-05  .515368677139D+04
     .338400000000D+06 -.279396772385D-07 -.594266228134D+00 -.119209289551D-06
     .962393931502D+00  .309156250000D+03  .558727532902D+00 -.827998775187D-08
    -.343942898031D-09  .100000000000D+01  .149300000000D+04  .000000000000D+00
     .240000000000D+01  .000000000000D+00 -.232830643654D-08  .550000000000D+02
     .331218000000D+06  .400000000000D+01
11 08  8 20 21 59 44.0  .213254243135D-04 -.682121026330D-12  .000000000000D+00
     .200000000000D+02  .810000000000D+02  .634240704385D-08 -.955719275601D-01
     .425800681114D-05  .832544185687D-02  .805594027042D-05  .515364466667D+04
     .338384000000D+06  .111758708954D-07 -.186317226680D+01  .819563865662D-07
     .890514990667D+00  .182437500000D+03  .604460512789D+00 -.906930634444D-08
     .985755346381D-10  .100000000000D+01  .149300000000D+04  .000000000000D+00
     .240000000000D+01  .000000000000D+00 -.116415321827D-07  .200000000000D+02
     .333678000000D+06  .400000000000D+01
13 08  8 20 22  0  0.0  .268335919827D-03  .136424205266D-11  .000000000000D+00
     .780000000000D+02 -.383437500000D+02  .332049545482D-08  .244459662699D+01
    -.194832682610D-05  .374996208120D-02  .106915831566D-04  .515359423065D+04
     .338400000000D+06  .447034835815D-07  .476645900021D+00  .428408384323D-07
     .995729995831D+00  .190250000000D+03  .153762696052D+01 -.743995276104D-08
    -.314298806093D-10  .100000000000D+01  .149300000000D+04  .000000000000D+00
     .240000000000D+01  .000000000000D+00 -.111758708954D-07  .780000000000D+02
     .331218000000D+06  .400000000000D+01
17 08  8 20 22  0  0.0  .389288179576D-04  .000000000000D+00  .000000000000D+00
     .106000000000D+03 -.975000000000D+01  .440339770490D-08  .282930090234D+01
    -.515952706337D-06  .377966382075D-02  .116564333439D-04  .515358848953D+04
     .338400000000D+06 -.726431608200D-07 -.270090671947D+01 -.558793544769D-08
     .959982878660D+00  .154906250000D+03 -.277936879751D+01 -.781496838194D-08
    -.214651798252D-09  .100000000000D+01  .149300000000D+04  .000000000000D+00
     .240000000000D+01  .000000000000D+00 -.102445483208D-07  .106000000000D+03
     .333858000000D+06  .400000000000D+01
19 08  8 20 22  0  0.0  .348719768226D-04  .341060513165D-12  .000000000000D+00
     .940000000000D+02 -.937500000000D+01  .455840416154D-08  .236736084149D+01
    -.242143869400D-06  .487927824724D-02  .123605132103D-04  .515372951317D+04
     .338400000000D+06  .577419996262D-07 -.264407959646D+01  .104308128357D-06
     .957727610502D+00  .137250000000D+03 -.525834740065D+00 -.794747390133D-08
    -.247153152064D-09  .100000000000D+01  .149300000000D+04  .000000000000D+00
     .340000000000D+01  .000000000000D+00 -.144354999065D-07  .940000000000D+02
     .331218000000D+06  .400000000000D+01
25 08  8 20 22  0  0.0 -.236659310758D-03 -.285353962681D-10  .000000000000D+00
     .108000000000D+03  .402187500000D+02  .432232289924D-08 -.172710515028D+01
     .236928462982D-05  .115846630652D-01  .812485814095D-05  .515369838715D+04
     .338400000000D+06 -.987201929092D-07  .137945856773D+01  .245869159698D-06
     .965713378936D+00  .227687500000D+03 -.124792130683D+01 -.802176271004D-08
     .551808699333D-09  .100000000000D+01  .149300000000D+04  .000000000000D+00
     .485000000000D+01  .000000000000D+00 -.745058059692D-08  .108000000000D+03
     .331218000000D+06  .400000000000D+01
26 08  8 20 22  0  0.0  .313034281135D-03  .602540239925D-11  .000000000000D+00
     .870000000000D+02 -.365312500000D+02  .350871758074D-08  .114418920906D+01
    -.191293656826D-05  .191276122350D-01  .114962458611D-04  .515362939072D+04
     .338400000000D+06 -.242143869400D-06  .475062254627D+00  .707805156708D-07
     .993649657565D+00  .180062500000D+03  .951739744901D+00 -.780639659632D-08
    -.257510726355D-09  .100000000000D+01  .149300000000D+04  .000000000000D+00
     .240000000000D+01  .000000000000D+00 -.605359673500D-08  .870000000000D+02
     .333978000000D+06  .400000000000D+01
27 08  8 20 22  0  0.0  .211592298001D-03  .284217094304D-11  .000000000000D+00
     .450000000000D+02  .423437500000D+02  .419481758813D-08 -.174616587859D+01
     .258348882198D-05  .211183979409D-01  .743754208088D-05  .515374080658D+04
     .338400000000D+06  .316649675369D-06  .141455814762D+01  .342726707458D-06
     .970305028208D+00  .235843750000D+03 -.169168588036D+01 -.784211236974D-08
     .567880797372D-09  .100000000000D+01  .149300000000D+04  .000000000000D+00
     .240000000000D+01  .000000000000D+00 -.419095158577D-08  .450000000000D+02
     .331218000000D+06  .400000000000D+01
28 08  8 20 22  0  0.0 -.219666399062D-04 -.227373675443D-12  .000000000000D+00
     .840000000000D+02 -.517500000000D+02  .481555773017D-08 -.298750052843D+01
    -.279769301414D-05  .139388832031D-01  .520050525665D-05  .515363206482D+04
     .338400000000D+06  .178813934326D-06  .254992302898D+01 -.253319740295D-06
     .964487206352D+00  .281250000000D+03 -.209346790004D+01 -.809783730743D-08
    -.131076888450D-09  .100000000000D+01  .149300000000D+04  .000000000000D+00
     .340000000000D+01  .000000000000D+00 -.102445483208D-07  .840000000000D+02
     .331218000000D+06  .400000000000D+01

-- FredLawton - 17 Oct 2008

-- BenHarris - 21 Oct 2008

Hi Fred,

I pasted a version of your nav file into a text file, and I processed it with an obs file from a reference station here at ARL. PRSolve was able to generate a solution:

PRSolve -o s081233a.08o -n test.n
PRSolve, part of the GPS ToolKit, Ver 2.1 5/07, Run 2008/10/20 22:44:46
Opened log file prs.log

Weighted average RAIM solution for file: s081233a.08o
 (2880 total epochs, with 479 good, 2401 rejected.)
   -740290.015519  -5457070.631362   3207245.785078
Covariance of RAIM solution for file: s081233a.08o
         0.001179         0.000715        -0.000130
         0.000715         0.003861        -0.001175
        -0.000130        -0.001175         0.001359

Which version of PRSolve are you using? And what environment you running it in?

-- BenHarris - 21 Oct 2008

I am using "PRSolve, part of the GPS ToolKit, Ver2.1" on windows xp using cygwin. I got PRSolve to work, but it does not like some files.

Are there specs that I should know about what the obs and nav files must contain for PRSolve to work?

-- FredLawton - 22 Oct 2008

I did not get the specs for what the obs and nav files must contain for PRSolve to work.

-- FredLawton - 29 Oct 2008 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}

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