Hello, For a project, I want to connect my tracking(that has Inphase and Qphase -early, prompt nd late signal, and PLL and DLL coefficients) with GPSTk's position computation part. Can u pls tell me if these codes are available in your GPSTk project that does the following for me: -Extract navigation data from my tracking output -Determine ephemeris -Compute SATELLITE and USER position from pseudoranges (LMS method preferred). Please send me .cpp filenames. Eagerly waiting for a reply.

Thanks and Regards, Prads

-- PradeepKashyap - 25 Nov 2007


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Hello Pradeep,

Remember, the GPSTk is written in C++ so your ability to embed it into a working, realtime system is limited. However if you are using a desktop system or better that has a real operating system (yes, even Windows) then using the GPSTk is possible.

Yes the GPSTk does all of these things. I can't give you a list of all the classes, that would take too long. Here are some to start looking at: for ephemeris extraction and SV position calculation, try EngEphemeris; for user position computation, try PRSolution. The API reference has a writeup on both of these classes. You also might checkout the TropModel family of classes for correcting for troposphere error, and IonoModel for ionosphere errors. Again, these are just starting points. Basically, the ENTIRE library in one way or another contributes to the functions you asked about.

If you start developing against the library, and have questions about using the API, I think you should join the developer list. There's a lot of good support there.

Best of luck!

-- BenHarris - 26 Nov 2007 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}

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