NavMerge Merge Tool



This application merges RINEX navigation files into a single file.

Command Summary

NavMerge [options]

Optional Arguments:
Short Arg. Long Arg. Description
-o   Write all data to an output RINEX navigation file. If omitted, a data summary is written to the screen.
-tb   Output only if epoch is within 4 hours of the interval (tb,te).
-te   If te or tb is missing, they are made equal. Time tags have the form year, month, day, HH, min, sec or GPSweek,sow.


NavMerge [options] <RINEX nav file> <RINEX nav file>


> NavMerge -o s081213-214.99n s081213a.99n s081214a.99n

Output file name is 
Exception: text 0:Unexpected EOF
text 1:In record 0
text 2:In file s081213-214.99n
text 3:Near file line 0
location 0:src/FFTextStream.hpp:244
location 1:src/FFStream.cpp:159
location 2:src/FFStream.hpp:208
location 3:src/FFStream.hpp:208

Read    0 ephemerides from file s081213-214.99n
Read  200 ephemerides from file s081213a.99n
Read  197 ephemerides from file s081214a.99n
Read  397 total ephemerides.


NavMerge corrects data for output when the GPS full week number is inconsistent with the epoch time.

-- NicoleQuindara - 04 Aug 2011
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