mergeRinObs/ mergeRinNav/ mergeRinMet Merge Editors



These applications merge multiple RINEX observation, navigation, or meteorological data files into a single coherent RINEX obs/nav/met file, respectively.

Command Summary

Required Arguments:
Short Arg. Long Arg. Description
-i --input=<arg> An input RINEX observation file. Can be repeated as many times as needed.
-o --output=<arg> Name for the merged output RINEX observation file. Any existing file with that name will be overwritten.

Optional Arguments:
Short Arg. Long Arg. Description
-d --debug Increase debug level.
-v --verbose Increase verbosity.
-h --help Print help usage.

mergeRinNav and mergeRinMet have the same usage.


> mergeRinObs -i arl280.06o -i arl2810.06o -o arl280-10.06o

> mergeRinNav -i arl280.06n -i arl2810.06n -o arl280-10.06n

> mergeRinMet -i arl280.06m -i arl2810.06m -o arl280-10.06m

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