When merging RINEX files, mergeRinObs.exe and mergeRinNav.exe programs encounter an unspecified error, resulting in a separate message windows that reports "mergeRinObs.exe has stopped working" (or, "mergeRinNav.exe has stopped working"). Both programs will run successfully without command line specifications, producing just the Help information. The problem also existed for GPS Toolkit version 1.6, which was used successfully on Windows XP. How can this be resolved?

Version: GPS Toolkit 1.7 Program Date: 16-Mar-2011 Windows version: Windows 7, Starter Edition

Attempted remedies: Running in Compatibility mode for Windows XP - no improvement Running as Administrator - no improvement

Other notes: Other programs for GPS Toolkit 1.7 work without problems (e.g., rescor, discfix, rinexdump).

-- AndrewMazzella - 08 Aug 2011


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I am sorry that you have encountered this problem, we will investigate and get back to you. Apologies for the delayed response, I missed your comment in a group of notifications received; both wiki and repository changes have been numerous lately as we are preparing a new, major release of the GPSTk. I would like to ensure that the problem you're having does not persist into the next release -- I suspect you've had to work around this for now; we will try to replicate the error, and if successful have someone familiar with these applications investigate further. If we can't replicate the problem, we will likely be "talking" to you about your input data. Thank you for raising this issue, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Best Regards,

-- Susan Cummins

-- SusanCummins - 02 Sep 2011

An upgrade to GPS Toolkit 2.0 has changed the nature of this problem: 1) mergeRinObs failed with an error report and empty output file:

text 0:Unknown RINEX version: 0.00 text 1:Make sure to set the version correctly. text 2:In record 0 text 3:In file Obs2Day.rnx text 4:Near file line 0 location 0:src\RinexObsHeader.cpp:gpstk::RinexObsHeader::reallyPutRecord:160 location 1:src\FFStream.cpp:gpstk::FFStream::tryFFStreamPut:263 location 2:c:\users\cummins\r2\r20\src\FFStream.hpp:gpstk::FFStream::conditionalThrow:208 location 3:c:\users\cummins\r2\r20\src\FFStream.hpp:gpstk::FFStream::conditionalThrow:208

The RINEX version is declared as 2.11 in the input Obs files, so the reference to the unknown RINEX version may be for the output file (Obs2Day.rnx).

2) mergeRinNav failed with no error, but only a 3-line header for the merged file.

In a related, but distinct issue, "rescor" is missing from the installation of GPS Toolkit 2.0, although "rescor" is still documented in the User's Guide (which does not appear to have been updated). -- Andrew Mazzella

-- AndrewMazzella - 20 Aug 2012


We have been testing the applications with the v2.0 gpstk libraries, and are working to resolve residual issues associated with new time classes, RINEX 3 changes and multi-GNSS handling. This is a good time for us to look into the issues you describe above.

ResCor has been removed for now because of the complexity of making it RINEX 3-capable. The updated User's Guide has not yet been uploaded, as we are exploring the applications currently in the toolkit to determine what should be added to the Guide and what's not ready. A number of applications that have been added to the repository since the last User's Guide revision either need modification for improved usability (like user help), or may need to be shelved if incomplete or unused. We'll start looking into the mergeRinNav and mergeRinObs issues today and see what can be done. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

-- Susan Cummins

-- SusanCummins - 21 Aug 2012 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}

After reverting to GPStk 1.7 (for use of ResCor) and testing for a new GPS receiver site, the nature of the problem changed, with a report that MSVCP110.dll was missing. Providing this library file in the PATH resolved the problem, and both mergeRinObs.exe and mergeRinNav.exe operate without reported errors. However, the "TIME OF LAST OBS" is reported incorrectly for the merged RINEX file, although this can be fixed using RinSum.exe.

The change in program behavior was eventually isolated to the presence or absence of a space in the path designating the working directory for the data processing, with the presence of a space producing the system error initially reported (Aug 2011). The presence of spaces in the path designating the GPStk program directory does not appear to have any effect on the program performance.

-- AndrewMazzella - 20 Jul 2015
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