mdptool Data Editor



This application performs various functions on a stream of MDP data.

Command Summary

Optional Arguments:
-d --debug Increase debug level.
-v --verbose Increase verbosity.
-h --help Print help usage.
-i --input=<arg> Where to get the MDP data from. The default is to use stdin. If the file name begins with "tcp:" the remainder is assumed to be a hostname [:port] and the source is taken from a tcp socket at this address. If the port number is not specified a default of 8910 is used.
  --output=<arg> Where to send the output. The default is stdout.
-p --pvt Enable pvt output.
-o --obs Enable obs output.
-n --nav Enable nav output.
-t --test Enable self-test output.
-x --hex Dump all messages in hex.
-b --bad Try to process bad messages also.
-a --almanac Build and process almanacs. Only applies to the nav style.
-e --ephemeris Build and process engineering ephemerides. Only applies to the nav style.


In the summary mode, the default is to only summarize the observation data above 10 degrees. Increasing the verbosity level will also summarize the data below 10 degrees.

-- NicoleQuindara - 03 Aug 2011
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