Hello: I tried building GPSTK under Linux (2.6.38-ARCH).

JAM didn't work - had a lot of errors. I tried the ./, ./configure, make method and all went well until the make command - than I got:

mv -f .deps/ANSITime.Tpo .deps/ANSITime.Plo mv: cannot stat `.deps/ANSITime.Tpo': No such file or directory make[1]: * [ANSITime.lo] Error 1 make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/rasteenb/gpstk/dev/src' make: * [all-recursive] Error 1

If I try again, a different file shows up missing. I have successfully compiled GPStk under Ubuntu Linux, but that system died.

Thanks, Rob

-- RobertSteenburgh - 01 Jun 2011


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Dear Robert,

I'm assuming that you're running the automake sequence from the /dev directory (as opposed to the dev/src directory), and that you're building from source because you wish to (modify and) run a modified gpstk, different from the already-built version for Linux available for download. Is the source you're trying to build the GPSTk 1.7 version? Do you have the libtool utility on your system? Do you see this error when the main gpstk library is building? Please let me know the answers to these questions to the extent possible -- I might need to have more diagnostic info to determine the likely source of the problem, but these questions will get us started. Thank you!

-- SusanCummins - 02 Jun 2011

Hi Susan:

Thank you for your response. I was building from source because there was a problem with DiscFix --forceCA back on 01 February. Brian corrected that problem and placed the corrected version in SVN. I compiled it from there. If the correction has made it into the precompiled binaries, than I'm good-to-go.

I would like to be able to build the examples, particularly for the position functionality (example 4).

I was downloading the development version from SVN. I do have the libtool utility on my system.

I'll have to run make again to see where in the sequence the failure occurs.

Cheers, Rob

-- RobertSteenburgh - 05 Jun 2011

Hi Rob!

I'd like to remind you that the latest codes in the 'dev' branch some times can't be built with make, for some developers of GPSTk only maintain the jam files when new codes are added. I dearly recommend you use 'jam' to build the latest codes, or download the latest release version 1.7.


Wei Yan

-- YanWei - 11 Jun 2011

Thank you Wei Yan. I opted to try the latest release version, 1.7, and it seems to be doing well. I appreciate the tip about 'make' and the new codes. Cheers, Rob Steenburgh

-- RobertSteenburgh - 23 Jun 2011

I'm changing the status to answered because I have what I need. Thank you Susan and Wei.

-- RobertSteenburgh - 23 Jun 2011 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}

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