I am processing GPS measurements for a missile application from a C/A code GPS receiver in post-mission. The missile travels through the ionosphere. Is it possible to compensate for iono corrections using the data from the IONEX files? Is the GPS Tool Kit capbale of computing the total electron content (TEC) from the IONEX files for a particular lat, lon, alt, and satellite? I am assuming I can use the TEC value and compute the iono correction for GPS measurement compensation. Am I in the right direction? Appreciate any help in this regard.

-- MohammedMiran - 10 Sep 2009


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Hi Mohammed,

The GPSTk supplies classes to handle IONEX files and compute TEC values from them. Look for "IonexBase", "IonexHeader", "IonexData", "IonexModel", etc.

However, be aware of the following:

  • With IONEX files, you should typically expect a reduction of ionospheric errors in the 75% range.
  • Expect significantly higher errors if your missile flew too high (over 300 km) or too close to equatorial or polar regions.

Best regards,


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