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I'm new to gpstk and am wanting to perform dGPS analysis on two observation files I have (1 reference, 1 roving). Is there anything such as an example file or 'how-to' guide on how to do this with this command (if at all)? The User's Guide does not contain much info on this command and the -h looks a bit intimidating.



-- NeilUnderhill - 04 Jul 2011


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Hello Neil,

For guidance on using DDBase, it's best to download a copy of the GPSTk source, either from the download area (latest is v1.7) or by checking out the toolkit using subversion. Then, look under /dev or /gpstk (the top level directory), you should find an /apps directory. cd to /apps/geomatics/relposition/doc. In that directory you will find 4 (Adobe) pdf files. The two that start with "DD" provide in-depth guidance on using DDBase, one is primarily a command line reference. The other two are diagrams, one is a processing flow description, the other shows the software design of DDBase. These should help you get started. Good luck, and thank you for your interest in the GPSTk!

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-- Susan Cummins

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