Hello, I've got a GNSS (GPS + Glonass + SBAS) sensor on a UAV and I would like to build its trajectory after the flight, using raw data. I transform raw data to a RINEX observations file. Then I use PRSolve and I get the waypoints in prs.log.

The problem is that I would like to use a RINEX nav file, to correct the iono bias, which is impossible in PRSolve (I think).

This is possible using rinexpvt, but this one isn't "Glonass friendly".

Is this a way to use both Glonass and iono correction?

If necessary, I can correct the pseudoranges with the iono bias, and then compute the position with those new pseudoranges, and very accurate ephemeris. But I don't know how to correct the pseudoranges...


-- Baptiste Crusson

-- CrussonB - 25 Jan 2013


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I don't understand the question. I assume you mean the Tgd in the GPS nav message, not the delay due to the ionosphere? PRSolve does input the RINEX nav files, and the Tgd correction could easily be added to the processing. However it would apply to GPS only; I don't know of a Tgd correction in the GLONASS nav message - perhaps I'm wrong, but it is not implemented in Rinex3NavData. Regards, Brian Tolman

-- BrianTolman - 25 Jan 2013

I think you misunderstood my question. The GNSS receiver I'm using is single frequency, and I would like to correct the delay due to the ionosphere (using the iono data in a RINEX file, or pre-computing the pseudoranges before using PRSolve).


-- Baptiste Crusson

-- CrussonB - 29 Jan 2013

So you want to correct the pseudoranges with estimates of the ionospheric delay, but from what? IONEX files? RINEX does not contain ionospheric estimates. This is not implemented in PRSolve, so you would have to do the correction before using PRSolve.

-- BrianTolman - 30 Jan 2013

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