i want to find GPSTK to found slat TEC but i dont know how to use it ? please tell me what kind of command to do it thank you!!

-- StanLin - 16 Sep 2008


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Woops! Sorry to take so long on this one. Here is the easiest way to meet your need, without requiring programming.

There is a capability within the GPSTk to create "extended RINEX" observation types. The goal of extended RINEX is to record quantities that can be computed on a per epoch, per SV basis. For example, slant TEC, or even azimuth and elevation values. These have been assigned an "observation type" and act just like existing obs types used by RINEX: S1, C1, P2, etc.

For this problem, the extended RINEX types you need are SR (slant range) and SP (slant phase). To generate them into a new RINEX (like) file, here is the command:

./ResCor -IFcoco2370.04o -OFexample --AOSR

Now, these values are still in RINEX format, which you may not be too keen to process. To "flatten" the file to a format that can be read into Excel or MATLAB, you can use RinexDump:

RinexDump example

Hope this helps (in time!)

-- BenHarris - 30 Oct 2008

Note that coco2370.04o is RINEX file in the local directory. A new file called example is created in the current directory.

-- BenHarris - 30 Oct 2008 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}

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